Q. I am signing a 60-month lease for the Size Computer. How can I be sure it will help increase my sales?
A. Results have shown that if you use the unit as directed on every customer, sales will increase. Your store will become known for its Value as a professional fitting outlet.

Q. I am a Professional shoe fitter. I can look at a customer's foot and know the size needed. Will the Size Computer lessen my personal importance to the customer?
A. The customer will be impressed with your professional desire to provide him with visual information regarding his accurate foot size. Your interpretation of foot size, style, and brand are the Value only you can add to the sale.

Q. Will the Dana Shoe Computer require considerable service or down time?
A. We have found that the instrument to be very reliable requiring only minimal service.

Q. What happens if the unit records the incorrect size?
A. The Professional fitter knows how to interpret foot size and recommend a comfortable shoe size that will accommodate both feet.

Q. The Size Computer shows the customer a size I do not have and I will loose the sale.
A. The professional shoe fitter knows to close a sale by either ordering the size or making another selection form inventory.